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What is a Tent footprint? (All You Need to Know)

Do you really know what tent footprints are? Do you know their benefits? Do you know how to clean them? You might probably take a rationally educated guess, but just in case you are not sure or simply asking yourself what a tent footprint is? Then you need to read this article.

A few years ago, I found myself in this tricky situation when I decided to take my first camping adventure. Therefore, I have made it my duty to help new campers to avoid these challenges that come with having zero experience.

How to Make A Fire With Rocks For Newbies

Have you ever wondered about those panicky situations wherein you can get lost or freeze in the wilderness and darkness? Yikes! That’s like a horror movie in the making!

We don’t need to imagine those stuff before we actually learn how to a make fire with rocks, right? This vital skill would greatly help you in times of emergencies or when you just simply forget to bring some matches with you. And with all those serious reasons aside, it will be totally cool to show this trick to your fellow campers.

Most people would prefer using lighter fluids and combustible chemicals. For a change, impress your family and friends by starting a fire by just using rocks. It’s easy, convenient, and very doable even for newbies like you. Go ahead and let’s get the fire burning!